Pr. Yokana Katongole Syliver is the senior pastor of the Soul Winning Church International and the founder of the Africa Saves Future Children Ministry.

Pr. Katongole is married and has two sons and two daughters. He lives in Uganda with his family and works hard to preach the Gospel and look after the many children at the orphanages.

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Testimony of Pr. Yokana Katongole Syliver

He was born while his mother was being taken to the hospital for delivery. His mother had been divorced by the time she delivered. He lived with his mother until the age of two, after which she took him to live with his father.

During that time, his father was ill. He was being taken care of at his mother’s home. His father was suffering from AIDS and died two years later.

After his father’s passing, he went to live with his grandmother. He started going to school and began learning to write on the ground. He lived with his grandmother until he was eight years old. Unfortunately, she was bewitched and ran mad, and he was left alone at home. From here his sister came and took him to live with her and he started a new life.

His sister used to sell local brew and it became his job to sell alcohol. He began taking alcohol, which caused him to lose interest in school. As time went on, his new life took a turn for the worse. He was miserable and felt like he would vomit himself to death.

His sister would leave and come back after one to three months, leaving him to remain at home with her husband and to look after all the domestic responsibilities.

He thanks God for saving his life back then. God protected him from all the satanic plans to take his life.

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Jeremiah 1:5

At the age of 14, he happened to go to Kampala to attend the funeral of one of his grandmothers that died. He started living with his elder brother who tried to take him to school. He continued his studies up to p.6. He dropped out of school and joined his brother in the business of selling pineapples. He continued this work until the business collapsed.

An alcohol company known as Mummy and Daddy Alcohol Company opened, providing a new opportunity for work. While he was at the depot, he managed to take a lot of alcohol and began getting involved in sexual activities. One of the girls he slept with became pregnant while she was still in school. She was in s.3 when she gave birth to a baby girl. He named his daughter Prossy Katongole.

He continued to take alcohol and became a serious member of the club. He joined groups that encouraged him to go to discos trans right. He plated his hair, put on ear rings, and he became totally demon possessed.

He went from one woman to another, leaving the first who had his first born. He got another girl pregnant, she was in s.3 and in her third term. Unlike the first girl, this one’s parents wanted to put him in prison for getting her pregnant. The thought of prison made him feel suicidal. But God protected him and he did not die.

He used a number of drugs, smoking banging/marijuana, coober, pipe and every drug he came across. The drugs made him useless. He fell in love with many women, but soon realized that one had been HIV/AIDS positive. Some of the women died and after some time he began experiencing the signs and symptoms of HIV.

After some time, the symptoms disappeared, but it didn’t mean that he was cured. Then he came across a group of homosexuals and he joined them and learnt their habits.
He notes that this act of homosexuality has strong spirits that possess someone and they do not easily give up.

He practiced it for a long time. As he was going on with these sinful acts, he came across the message of salvation. It totally changed his life and he became a new person after giving his life to Jesus and making Him his personal savior.

Even after being born again, he continued to feel the spirit of homosexuality. With God’s help, he persevered, overcoming homosexuality . It was only possible through the power of the Holy Spirit, as he committed himself to serve God wholeheartedly.

He says to anyone thinking about joining any of these bad groups, that life is not easy. One may think that it is one way of getting happiness, but it is just the way to destruction.




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Pastor Yokana Katongole